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Союз Еврейских Студентов (RUJS)

The RUJS was established with the support of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS).


The Russian Union has been a member of the WUJS since June, 2016.

Foundation of the Russian Union of Jewish Student (RUJS) was initiated in 2015 by Shota Mirelli, president of the MGIMO Jewish Club. It was announced that the aim of the project was to unite and support Jewish students in Russia. The decision to create the Union was made after the meeting of RUJS founders (Shota Mirelli, Ilya Rozentsveyg, Lidia Gangan, and Alexander Latyshev) with Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar. Shimon Krasnodomskiy was named the Union Rabbi.

The Union was officially founded at the Charity Purim concert at MGIMO-University. The founders of the Union also launched a mentoring program that aimed at helping orphans. Nowadays Jewish clubs from 6 universities make up the Union: MGIMO-University, MSU, MSAL, PFUR, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and Financial University.

Союз Еврейских Студентов (RUJS)

Mission – integration and support of young Jews in Russia Goal – to help Jewish students in their everyday life

Working Fields:

  • Organizing of conferences, meetings, workshops and other events;
  • Organizing of educational trips around the world;
  • Educational programs in traditions and religion of the Jewish nation;
  • Social support of Jewish students;
  • Charity;
  • Scholarships and grants for Jewish students;
  • Communication with Jewish organizations and unions all over the world;
  • Enhancement of the image of Jews

Союз Еврейских Студентов (RUJS)
Our team

Shota Mirelli / President, founder

Ilya Rozentsveyg / CEO, co-founder

Shimon Krasnodomskiy / Rabbi of RUJS

Alexander Latyshev / Co-founder

Lydia Gangan / Co-Chief

Alina Khorolskaya / Co-Chief

Iakov Cherkashin / President’s Assistant

Mariia Vainberg / Director for Cultural events

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